Yoga Teacher Training Testimonials

Yoga Teacher Training Testimonials


Do you want a deeper understanding of Yoga?  Are you considering becoming a yoga teacher?  Or maybe you need come CECs to maintain your current Yoga Alliance registration?

Join us for our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program as we explore yoga philosophy, yoga asana, pranayama, anatomy and much more!

What Our Yoga Teacher Training Students Are Saying

"I started the 200 Hour RYT program in February of 2014.  It started with me wanting to have the certification, as I was already teaching.  Little did I know the amazing journey I was embarking on.  At that point in time, it was all about the poses and being limber and strong.  The course definitely taught me more about anatomy and alignments, but it also taught me that yoga is so much more than the poses.  I loved that our teacher, Jan Guinn, presented yoga in a way that allowed each of us to find our own paths.  In the end, my goal changed from being just someone who teaches poses to someone who teaches YOGA!  Whether you intend to teach or not the course will give you a better understanding of Yoga and the amazing changes it can make in your body, mind and spirit." ~ Cindy W.

"Before I started yoga teacher training, I was doubtful that I would ever teach a yoga class.  (Though I went on to teach for about a year.)  I was interested in honing my personal practice and curious about yogic philosophy.  I did learn everything I needed to know about breaking down yoga asana and keeping my body safe during my yoga practice.  What I didn't expect was that yoga philosophy would completely change my mindset.  It has opened up my perception and made me more emotionally resilient.  Even when the times are tough, I have a much better skillset to deal with them, because I have a completely new emotional tool box after completing yoga teacher training." ~ Julie T.

"I just completed the 200-Hour yoga teacher training. One word - Inspiring.

Taking yoga teacher training was a life-changing experience.  It was one the most incredible awakenings of my spirit, my heart and my understanding of yoga. I loved learning and reading about ancient yogic texts, the foundations of asanas, yoga philosophy, Ayurvedic nutrition and so much more.  This course not only taught you how to teach, but how to deepen your own practice  and live your yoga. One of my favorite parts of the training was the hands-on teaching of asanas in class and the 8 week beginner series each student taught.

Jan Guinn is an inspiring teacher,  and the staff at Yoga from the Heart is wonderful, caring and helpful.  After completing  yoga teacher training I felt that I had been given a wonderful foundation to go out and teach and live yoga.  This program helped me find my voice." ~ Carol H.

The 200 Hour yoga teacher training course was everything I hoped for and more than I could have imagined. The program offered a great introduction to yogic philosophy, enhanced asana breakdowns, and an opportunity to delve into this lifestyle in an inviting and invigorating manner. Wanting to simply further the knowledge of why I was doing what I was doing on my mat and not teach, this course is simply one of the best things I've ever done for myself. If you are seeking a deeper understanding of time spent on your mat, this course is invaluable.

~ Donna D.

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