Why Yoga

Why do yoga? Stress relief, pain relief, better breathing, improved flexibility, increased strength, weight management, improved circulation, cardiovascular conditioning, focus and inner peace are just a few of the great benefits of a regular yoga practice. 

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Stress Relief

I remember leaving my very first Yoga  class feeling less stress than I’d felt in years!  Only later  did I learn that the practice of Yoga reduces the level of cortisol  (the stress hormone) in the body.  Try a class and experience  the benefits for yourself.

Pain Relief

Studies indicate that Yoga poses and  meditation can provide relief from pain for people with conditions  like cancer, auto-immune diseases, arthritis, back pain and much  more.  Always let the teacher know about any health conditions  that could impact your practice.

Better Breathing

You’ll learn to take slower, deeper  breaths triggering your body’s relaxation response and improving  lung function.

Improved Flexibility

Don’t worry if your fingers don’t get  anywhere near your toes!  Add a consistent Yoga practice to  your life and you’ll see steady improvement in your flexibility,  mobility and range of motion, reducing aches and pains.

Increased Strength

You’ll be stronger head to toe because  Yoga poses use every muscle in the body.  An added benefit is  reduced muscular tension!

Weight Management

Yoga may help you with weight control by  reducing cortisol levels, burning excess calories and reducing  stress.

Improved Circulation

The stretching and breathing associated  with the practice of Yoga poses improves circulation and aids the  flow of oxygenated blood to the cells of the body.

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Cardiovascular Conditioning

Improved oxygenation, lower resting heart  rate and increased endurance are all benefits of even a gentle Yoga  practice.


The awareness you develop on the Yoga mat  easily transfers to daily life.  Enjoy the benefits of improved  concentration, coordination and memory function long after you leave  the Yoga Studio.

Inner Peace

This is what keeps people coming back to  Yoga classes.  You may start to practice Yoga for relief of  pain or improved flexibility but ultimately you’ll continue for the  sense of peace and calm that you feel at the end of your practice  and beyond!