How do I Start?

In addition to teacher training, Yoga from the Heart offers a variety of classes including: All Levels Yoga, All Levels Yoga Lunch Break, Beginner Yoga, Core & More, Restorative Yoga, Therapeutic Yin, and Yoga2. Serving the Coppell, Grapevine, Irving, Las Colinas, Dallas and Ft. Worth community. 

How do I start?  No need to sign up for a regular class ahead of time!  The studio opens 10-15 minutes before class starts.  Please plan to arrive early to register, meet the teacher and get settled into your space.  If you have your own yoga mat, great!  If not, we have extras that you are welcome to use. We also have a variety of props available for your use.

Click here for Class Schedule.   For all classes, we respectfully ask that you arrive 10 – 15 minutes early to set-up your space and prepare for class.

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All Levels Yoga is a beginner to intermediate level class with simple to intermediate postures and breathing techniques for most experience levels.  Modifications are offered to enable everyone to work at their own level. Experience the many benefits yoga offers for your body, mind and spirit.

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All Levels Yoga Lunch Break is a shorter version of our All Levels Yoga class.  Need an afternoon pick-me-up?  This is your class.  You will leave refreshed and renewed for the latter half of your day.


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Beginner Yoga is a great place to start!  New to yoga or need a gentler class? Join this beginner to intermediate level class with just the basics, simple postures and breathing techniques for all fitness levels. Learn how yoga can benefit your body as well as the effects of daily life.

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Restorative Yoga is designed to reverse the effects of our stressful lives.  This class uses bolsters, blankets, blocks and other props to completely support the body and allow for slow, gentle release of stress and tension.  Excellent for beginners, those recovering from an injury and anyone looking for stress reduction. Class includes meditation.

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Therapeutic Yin is a deeply relaxing class that combines the healing benefits of Yin with therapeutic yoga postures & aromatherapy to promote overall health & well-being.

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Yoga 2 is a great class for students with an ongoing practice who are ready to deepen their yoga experience.  This class can include advanced postures, vinyasa (sequenced flow), breath work and meditation.